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Remembering a Life Podcast

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When a loved one dies, honoring their memory is one of the most meaningful ways to ensure their legacy lives on. Join host Holly Ignatowski and end-of-life experts for thoughtful and meaningful discussions about ways to remember a life, grieve and support others. New episodes are released the second Wednesday of each month.

After losing both of her parents at a young age, grief expert Claire Bidwell Smith was drawn to helping others navigate their grief. A therapist in private practice for over a decade, she has counseled thousands of people and written three books. In this episode Claire reflects on the role anxiety has played in her grief journey and how we can identify and manage our own anxiety following a loss.

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Read Claire's Remembering A Life Blog post to learn about having the conversation of a lifetime with a loved one: The Conversation of a Lifetime.

About Our Guest

Claire Bidwell Smith is a renowned grief expert and author. After losing both of her parents at a young age, Claire was drawn to helping others navigate the grief process. A therapist in private practice for over a decade, she has counseled thousands of people, and written three books about grief and loss. Claire speaks and lectures widely and runs a series of different programs designed to help others move through loss.

Claire is passionate about advocating for advancement in end-of-life care and also bringing awareness to our culture’s understanding of grief. She serves on the board of End Well Project, an end of life initiative that holds a yearly conference, and also Near, an organization devoted to helping people find end of life and grief support. Claire also hosts a popular virtual series for the Let’s Reimagine Death organization, in which she interviews notable figures in the death and grief space.

Claire’s three books of nonfiction The Rules of Inheritance (Penguin, 2012), After This: When Life Is Over Where Do We Go? (Penguin, 2015), and Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief (Da Capo, 2018) have been published in 18 countries, and received many accolades and critical praise. The Rules of Inheritance is currently optioned for television rights.

Claire has written for The New York Times, Scientific American, The Washington Post, Goop, The Huffington Post, Salon.com, Slate, Chicago Public Radio, The Guardian, Psychology Today, Yoga Journal, and BlackBook Magazine. Her thoughts, insights and interviews have been featured on MSNBC, Good Day LA, Today.com, The Atlantic, the Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, NPR, Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Oprah Magazine, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, and dozens of radio shows and podcasts.  

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Hilde Schaefer 4 months ago

My name Hilde and I had major surgery Septemper 23, 2020 and with the Lords blessing survived this it took a long time , then December 29 ,2020 I lost my love of 42 years to Covid , never got to say Good Bye to him. I just cant get over that he died alone.
Then as if things were not bad enough I lost my only son who was just 55 years young at Easter of this year, how are you to deal with that.
Plus deal with my own health issues. . Thank you for allowing me to tell my story.



Julia 6 months ago

I never had parents. When I was young, I never thought about them, but after 30s, I just started to feel losing. I have been very difficult to know myself anew that is anxiety, insecurity, unease and angry me . I tried to hid me for a long time, but explosions come up all the time as symptom. I am still struggling , and expect to meet real myself who is kind, peace and happy myself. Thank you Claire, you let me understand different. I am not alone.

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