Reader Notes

This book is recommended reading for anyone interested in reading inspiring stories of hope about the pandemic.

Recommended Audience

This book is recommended for young adults and adults.



Inspired in the early days of the pandemic by the image of refrigerator trucks in Queens holding the remains of people who had died of COVID-19 and haunted by thoughts of who would be helping the survivors begin to cope with such unfathomable loss, Teresa (Terry) Schreiber Werth set out to give them a voice. Terry collected their stories, and little more than a year later, the compilation of essays was published. The stories resonate today as much as they did in early 2020. Most importantly, these stories give us hope. 

Discussion Prompts

  1. What stories of hope and resilience have you experienced in your family or community during the pandemic?
  2. How have you seen people come together for support during the pandemic?
  3. Which of the stories in this book resonated the most for you?
  4. With which of the essayists could you best relate?
  5. Were there essays that presented ideas or thoughts you hadn't considered before? If so which ones, and did they make you think about the pandemic in different ways?

About the Reviewer

This book was read and is recommended by the Remembering A Life team.