Reader Notes

This book is for people at varying stages of grief, including people grieving non-death losses.

Recommended Audience

This book is recommended for adults and people who would like to support others who are grieving.



When you read a book by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, it’s as if he’s sitting right there with you, offering a kind word, encouragement, and ideas for getting through even the most difficult times. First Aid for Broken Hearts is for anyone who has experienced a loss, including non-death losses such as divorce and job loss. 

In it, Dr. Wolfelt encourages the reader to embrace feelings of vulnerability, acknowledge their grief and understand grief takes many forms, including sadness, anger, fear and even physical symptoms. Ultimately, Wolfelt guides his readers in finding ways to do what may seem impossible: to experience joy and meaning following a loss – when they are ready to do so. 

Dr. Wolfelt’s extensive years of experience as a grief counselor provide him with the expertise to offer highly regarded professional guidance to his readers. His own experiences with grief enable him to present it in a way that is empathetic, meaningful and real.

This quick read packs a lot of self-care into its 115 pages, providing the reader with thoughtful guidance as they grieve, mourn and live. Question prompts and simple, quick exercises will help readers make the most of this thoughtful book, and lovely, freeform illustrations make this a comforting read. In addition, this book’s small format makes it a convenient read on the go.

Discussion Prompts

First Aid For Broken Hearts features discussion and reflection prompts throughout the book.

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