Some New Year’s resolutions, such as starting to exercise, eating better or making a career change, can be difficult to keep. We often start out the New Year energized to make big changes in our lives, but it’s often not long before we let these resolutions go by the wayside.

This year, how about resolving to do things that keep the memory of your loved one alive? Whether you choose to do something on your own or invite family and friends to participate, here are some ideas to inspire you ... 22 resolutions for 2022. Select a few and make 2022 the year of Remembering A Life.

  1. Play a loved one’s favorite song or create a playlist of their favorite music.
  2. Prepare a loved one’s favorite food. Incorporate those foods into a family gathering or holiday meal. Invite guests to share memories of your loved one.
  3. Journal memories of time spent together, or about experiences you are having now that you wish you could share with your loved one. Or use old photos as inspiration.
  4. Share stories about your loved one.
  5. Light a candle on a special day: birthday, anniversary, death anniversary, special holiday, etc. or acknowledge this important day by visiting their favorite restaurant, preparing a favorite dessert, toasting with a favorite wine, etc.
  6. Plant a tree or garden as a living memorial.
  7. Visit a place that was meaningful for both of you.
  8. Gather friends and family to tell stories about your loved one.
  9. Visit your loved one’s resting place.
  10. Support a meaningful cause by participating in a fundraiser, volunteering your time or by donating in memory of your loved one.
  11. Watch your loved one’s favorite movie, whether by yourself or with your family and friends.
  12. Frame and display an item written by your loved one, such as a letter, poem, recipe, etc.
  13. Read their favorite book.
  14. Complete any item on their bucket list.
  15. Start a memory jar. 
  16. Gather photos and mementos and create a scrapbook or use an online book-publishing tool to create a memory book.
  17. Create a legacy film in memory of your loved one. Get the how-to here.
  18. Take up one of your loved one’s hobbies.
  19. Write a letter to your loved one, place it in an envelope and keep it in a memory box.
  20. Create a quilt that incorporates some of your loved one’s clothing.
  21. Craft a memory sculpture or collage from mementos and items important to your loved one. 
  22. Make time for a grieving friend or family member. Ask them to tell you about their loved one.